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When Do I Apply For SSD Benefits?

It may seem obvious to apply for Social Security Disability as soon as you become disabled, but the reality is that it is not always that easy or simple. At Bridgman Law Offices, we understand that there are reasons people do not apply for SSD benefits as soon as they should. As a local firm working with clients in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, we are here to offer clear, easy-to-follow advice regarding when and how to apply for the benefits you need.

The following are a few of the most common reasons people fail to apply for SSD benefits:

Am I Actually Disabled?

First, you’ll need to determine how disability is defined under the Social Security Administration’s guidelines. To be eligible, your disability must be expected to last 12 months. However, that assessment is not always apparent. An attorney experienced in handling Social Security Disability claims in North Carolina and the surrounding region can explain how the guidelines pertain to your situation. It is best to file as soon as you become aware that your disability is long term or prevents you from any substantial gainful activity (SGA).

Continuing To Work

Many people believe that if they are working part time, they cannot apply; that is not true. If you are earning less than the SGA amount each month as outlined by the Social Security Administration (SSA), you are eligible to apply.

Collecting Other Benefits

Many people who should apply for disability struggle with their medical condition and employment far longer than they should. At Bridgman Law Offices, our SSD attorney regularly sees individuals who receive workers’ compensation or unemployment and wait until those benefits are exhausted before initiating a disability claim. By contacting us right away, you can avoid delays or gaps in your financial support.

Understanding The Timeline

Despite more optimistic projections, many disability cases take months and perhaps as long as a year for an initial decision, says attorney Daniel Bridgman. Most cases are denied and the appeal takes even longer. Too often, by the time an individual files a claim, he or she is in extreme financial distress with a long waiting period ahead. This means that the sooner you get started pursuing SSD benefits, the better your chances for getting your benefits as quickly as possible.

Mapping A Strategy

As difficult as it can be to acknowledge that you may have a permanent disability, it is best to file as early as possible. Not only will this help your claim to be resolved sooner, but it will also allow you to collect more back pay should your claim be approved.

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