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Meeting The Threshold: Fully Insured And SSD

Most individuals who work for employers have a certain percentage of their earnings withheld for FICA taxes, which are used to pay the premium for Social Security Disability (SSD). To be eligible for SSD payments, a worker in North Carolina or elsewhere across the country must be fully insured.

Our attorney and team of professionals at Bridgman Law Offices can explain what permanently insured means and outline your options for obtaining benefits.

What Are Quarters Of Coverage?

The general rule for SSD eligibility is that the worker must have one quarter of coverage for every year after he or she turns 21 until the calendar year prior to the year in which a claim for disability is made.

The 40 Quarters Of Coverage Threshold

Once a total of 40 quarters has been earned, the individual is permanently insured and is eligible for SSD benefits even if he or she never works again. An experienced SSD lawyer can explain alternate eligibility requirements for younger workers who claim a disability before they have acquired 40 quarters of coverage.

Other Considerations

A sufficient number of quarters of coverage is a threshold requirement, but a worker must also fit the definition of disability to qualify for SSD benefits. Additionally, those with limited or no work history may be eligible under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which is a needs-based system also run by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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