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Understanding Social Security Disability (SSD) And How An Attorney Can Help

At Bridgman Law Offices, we are an established practice helping people in North Carolina and throughout the region obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) and other disability benefits.

We take a personal, hands-on approach to helping people struggling with physical and mental disabilities understand their options, navigate the application and appeals process, and ultimately obtain the benefits they need to cover expenses and maintain their independence and dignity.

The Information And Resources You Need To Get The Benefits You Deserve

If you are struggling with a disability, have worked five of the past 10 years, paid your taxes and meet the various other qualifications, you likely qualify for benefits. The problem is obtaining them. The paperwork, regulations, rules, deadlines and other factors associated with the Social Security Administration (SSA) are just too much to handle for most people.

Even if you do manage to file an application, chances are that it will be denied.

That’s where we come in. At Bridgman Law Offices, attorney Daniel Bridgman and his team can help you at all points in the process. Whether you’re exploring your options and need help filing an application or you have been denied once or even twice, we are here, ready to guide you.

Below are just some of the ways we can help clarify and address issues as you pursue SSD benefits:

  • Analyzing your case and determining if you are entitled to benefits
  • Explaining when and how to apply
  • Offering tips on applying if you choose file on your own
  • Explaining the common types of medical impairments that qualify for disability benefits
  • Explaining factors related to applying if you are over 50
  • Outlining the appeals process if your application is denied

Unlike large, national firms that juggle clients between various lawyers and support staff, we are a small, local practice committed to providing one-on-one services. When you work with us, you deal directly with Daniel and his team. Regardless of your SSD issue, we can provide you with the information, resources and representation you need.

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