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Navigating The Steps Of Your SSD Appeals Process

You completed your application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and are anxiously awaiting a response. If you’re like many people who apply for benefits, you’re going to be met with disappointment.

Although there are numerous people in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina just like you with a genuine need for SSD benefits, most have their initial application denied for a variety of reasons ranging from simple errors on the application to a failure to provide appropriate medical information.

We Walk You Through The Process — Step By Step

At Bridgman Law Offices, our team is here to help you navigate all points in the SSD process. From application to appeal, we provide the information and resources to keep you informed.

Below is a brief outline of what to expect when filing an appeal:

  • Denial: Once your application is denied, you can request a reconsideration. It’s important to make this request within 60 days of the date of your denial.
  • Request for reconsideration: Your request for reconsideration should provide strong medical evidence supporting your claim for benefits and a clear reason why you think the Social Security Administration (SSA) erred in its denial. If your request is denied, you will have 60 days to request a hearing.
  • Request a hearing: When going before the administrative law judge (ALJ), you will have an opportunity to provide new evidence. There are deadlines for submitting evidence that your attorney can help you meet. If your claim is denied by the ALJ, you can request a review with the Appeals Council.
  • Going before the Appeals Council: After reviewing your claim, the Appeals Council will do one of three things: deny your claim, approve your claim or send it back to the ALJ for review.
  • Going to federal court: If the Appeals Council denies your claim, you can bring a case to federal court. Again, you have 60 days to file the appeal after the Appeals Council denies your claim.

Numerous procedures and deadlines apply to the appeals process. With an experienced SSD lawyer by your side, you can meet the deadlines and benefit from having the support of a team of professionals.

Denied Benefits? Let’s Work Together.

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