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Posts tagged "Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness"

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Every system in the human body plays an important role in maintaining stasis of the whole and performing essential functions to keep the individual healthy. From their skin to their bones and everything in between, when a problem develops in a Charlotte resident's body they may experience problems in unexpected places.

When an illness-based disability benefits claim is denied

A terrifying diagnosis can stop a Charlotte resident in their tracks. Whether it is a genetic disease or an acquired condition, a disease or illness that may rob a person of their ability to work and to live their life to the fullest may end a person's hopes and dreams for their future. As they seek assistance with learning how to fight their medical battle they may also look into ways of supporting their financial needs.

Epilepsy as a disability for SSDI benefits

Epilepsy is a serious medical condition that causes individuals who suffer from it to endure seizures. Not all cases of epilepsy are the same and two people who suffer from seizures may have very different experiences with their illnesses. A Charlotte resident who suffers from epilepsy may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if their illness is serious enough to meet the requirements of a disability.

What diseases qualify for compassionate allowances?

Individuals who wish to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration must complete applications that require them to demonstrate how their ailments meet the agency's definition of "disability." The disability definition has multiple parts, such as a requirement that the disabling condition will last for at least a year, as well as requirements that detail how the condition limits the applicant's activities. If a person cannot satisfy each of the elements in full then they may have their request for benefits denied.

Disabling diagnosis may cause eligibility for disability benefits

It is a diagnosis that no person wants to receive, but too many Charlotte residents get each year: cancer. Just recently, this Social Security Disability benefits legal blog discussed how cancer may serve as the basis of a disability benefits claim. The requirements that a person must satisfy to qualify include, but are not limited to, proving disability through medical notes and doctor information and providing a complete application.

Does my child's illness qualify for SSI?

Every expectant parent hopes and may pray for an easy labor and delivery, as well as a healthy newborn to add to their family. While many Charlotte residents are able to leave the hospitals with their infants shortly after birth, some parents learn soon after their children are born that they suffer from illnesses and disorders that require ongoing medical treatment. Some illnesses that manifest in early childhood are so severe that they may impact the children for the rest of their lives.

Cancer may serve as basis for a Social Security Disability claim

Every year thousands of Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Generally, cancer is an anomalous growth of cells in a person's body. There are more than 100 types of cancer that may afflict North Carolina residents, and cancer can strike many different parts of people's bodies.

Do heart conditions qualify for Social Security disability?

The heart is possibly the most vital organ in the human body. Each day, without conscious effort, the heart of a Charlotte resident beats and pumps blood all throughout the person's corpus. Through the measured, consistent work of the heart the body is fed a constant supply of oxygen, nutrients are moved into necessary systems, and the circulatory system fuels the individual from top of head to tips of toes.

Can SSD benefits be obtained for inflammatory bowel disease?

There are certain illnesses that a North Carolina resident might possess that will preclude him or her from being able to work. These medical conditions do not necessarily need to be issues that will be terminal, as they can be of sufficient severity that they prevent an individual from working. When there is this type of illness, it is worthwhile to consider filing for Social Security disability benefits for illness. One of these illnesses, and one that can wreak havoc on a person's life, is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Those who are diagnosed with IBD should consider filing for SSD benefits.

When liver disease becomes a disability

Millions of Americans -- including people right here in Charlotte -- suffer from serious diseases, the most common of which is probably heart disease. But there are many other types of diseases that can be quite debilitating, leaving a person unable to work, and possibly disabled. Liver disease is one such illness.

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