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What are the rules for adults with a disability since childhood?

When disabled children in North Carolina reach adulthood, there might be concerns as to what will happen to their Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has certain rules for people who fall into this category, and they should be understood in order to prevent unwanted consequences. For those who are receiving benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and their disability started prior to age 22, the disability and the benefits will be viewed as a "child's" benefit since it is still on the record of the parent and their Social Security earnings.

Woman appeals decision to stop her SSD benefits

For those in North Carolina who are seeking or already receiving Social Security disability benefits, it is important to keep an eye on those who are in a similar situation and were either denied Social Security or had SSD benefits taken away after receiving them. Since Social Security disability is a federal program, any issue that happens in another state can be just as important to people in North Carolina.

Social Security backlog leaves many in North Carolina waiting

Given the shortfall in workers the Social Security Administration has dealing with claims, there is a backlog of more than one million people who are waiting for an adjudication. Those who have already applied or are planning to apply for SSD benefits should be aware of this as they move forward with the process.

What if I believe the judge was unfair in my disability case?

For residents of North Carolina who are seeking Social Security disability benefits, one of the last things they will think might damage their application is if the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) treats them unfairly. However, if there is a belief that there has been different treatment because of age, race, sex, disability, financial standing, or any other reason, the Social Security Administration should be told. Doing so could affect the case's outcome.

When denied SSD benefits, a lawyer can help with an appeal

North Carolina residents who apply for Social Security disability and are denied might be under the impression that the case is over and they have no alternatives to appeal. However, that is not the case, and it is a mistake to believe that to be so. Many applications are initially denied and later approved. Sometimes it takes several levels of appeal, but it is possible to have the initial rejection reversed. Understanding how to appeal is key, and a lawyer is often vital to the process.

What if I need a consultative examination for my SSD benefits?

For North Carolina residents who are ill or injured, Social Security disability benefits are vital to their everyday survival. When applying for SSD benefits, it is necessary to meet certain medical requirements in order to be approved. In some instances, however, the case cannot be decided based on the initial medical information that the claimant provides. If this occurs, it will be necessary to have a consultative examination (CE). It is important to understand the details of this examination, as it can play a crucial role in the outcome of a claim adjudication.

What are work incentives when receiving SSD benefits?

North Carolina residents often receive Social Security Disability benefits because of an injury, condition or illness that leaves them with an inability to work. However, there are some people who receive disability who would like to try and get back to work. There is a concern that working will mean their benefits will stop and they will no longer have their disability payments if they find their issues prevent them from working. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration offers work incentives.

What if I need a special examination for my SSD benefits claim?

For North Carolina residents who apply for Social Security disability, it might be necessary for there to be more information before a decision can be made. This is when a special medical examination or tests will be required to come to a decision. The Disability Determination Services (DDS) reviews the claims for the Social Security Administration. The SSA will pay for this. In addition, if there are travel expenses, the SSA will pay for that as well. The results can be sent to the primary care doctor if it is a different doctor who conducts the exam.

Where the funds for SSD benefits come from, and where it goes

Many of our readers probably saw the recent news reports over the last several weeks about the proposed budget that President Trump submitted to Congress. There are many different opinions on the funding cuts and government changes that are in the budget, some good and some bad. But, in a recent article, it was noted that the leaders who are in Washington, D.C., should know how certain programs are funded before they make any changes.

What is the best way to apply for SSD benefits?

Most people probably don't think twice about their ability to get up and go to work every day. However, when that ability is taken away by a disability that is caused by a mental or physical health condition, it can be scary. Fortunately, many people who face this type of uncertain situation may be able to apply to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

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