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Get organized before filing for disability benefits

Reaching the point in one's life where it is no longer possible to work due to a disability can be a difficult and frustrating event. However, more than the personal defeat that a North Carolina resident may feel about being unable to do a job, the stress of being unable to provide for one's self and loved ones may cause a person to experience concern and fear over their financial future. Prior to filing for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration there are some organizational steps that individuals can take to support their applications for help.

Seeking benefits for disabled adult children

When a new baby is born into the world their parents may be overjoyed by the new addition to their family. While many North Carolina parents are able to transition into parenthood without any significant problems or challenges, others may be devastated to learn that their new children have arrived with serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions. While some affected newborns may suffer from treatable illnesses and disorders, others may have to learn to live with their conditions for the rest of their lives.

Social Security approves 5 conditions for compassionate allowance

The compassionate allowance program is a special fast-track way for certain identified illnesses and disorders to be approved for disability benefits by the Social Security Administration. Conditions identified for this program do not undergo the same review process as others and individuals who suffer from them may begin to receive the benefits they need sooner than they would if they had to go through the normal path to benefits. North Carolina residents may be interested to learn that the acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration recently announced that five additional disorders have been included in the fast- track program.

What happens to disability benefits if I want to go back to work?

Not everyone who qualifies for and receives Social Security disability benefits will be able to go back to working for earned income. In fact, disability benefits exist in order to help men and women who have paid into the system to stay financially on their feet when disabling injuries and illnesses prevent them from holding down jobs. However, in some situations North Carolina residents who have received disability benefits may find that they want to go back to having their own careers.

How often will my disability benefits be subject to review?

There is always a chance that a Charlotte resident's Social Security disability benefits will be denied upon a review after an initial approval. When a person's circumstances change, such as when they experience an improvement in their health that allows them to return to work, they may find that they no longer qualify for the support they once received from the Social Security Administration. Reviews of recipients' cases happen periodically and depending upon the outlook of the recipients' conditions their reviews can happen after a matter of months or several years.

What is a Quick Disability Determination?

A Quick Disability Determination (QDD) is similar to a compassionate allowance. However, there are some important differences that North Carolina residents should understand that exist between the two programs. This post will address what makes QDD unique, but as with all of the other information contained on this site, readers should not take the contents of this post to be legal advice.

Age and work credits may impact disability benefits award

If a Charlotte resident cannot work due to a mental or physical disability stemming from an injury or illness they should be able to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, only a qualifying disability may get the applicant the support they need in the form of benefits. A disability is not the only requirement a person must satisfy in order to get help from the Social Security Administration. An applicant for disability benefits must also have enough work credits from their past employment to qualify them for help.

Periodic reviews may bring disability benefits to their end

Individuals who have looked into applying for Social Security Disability benefits may believe that once they are approved for benefits that those benefits will not be terminated. While this is sometimes true, in other situations recipients of disability benefits may have their benefits stopped if the Social Security Administration finds that they are no longer disabled. There is a review process for disabilities that North Carolina residents can expect to face if they are approved to receive disability benefits.

How is blindness defined by the Social Security Administration?

Many North Carolina residents wear glasses or contact lenses to improve the quality of their eye sight. It is possible for people with significant near or far-sightedness to improve their vision to the point that they are able to engage in the careers and activities of their choosing. However, not all individuals with vision problems are able to find this level relief through corrective measures.

What if my claim was denied after a reconsideration hearing?

Not long ago this Charlotte-based Social Security disability benefits law blog offered its readers a post on the reconsideration hearing process for disability benefits applicants. An applicant's claim may be given a reconsideration hearing if it is initially denied. A process is in place to make sure that the claim receives a new review in the reconsideration hearing and in some cases an applicant may receive a positive outcome at the conclusion of the process.

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