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How An Experienced And Locally Based Disability Lawyer Can Help You

Although anyone can apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits on his or her own, the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) application and appeals processes are complicated and involve a lot of medical and vocational issues that can be difficult for the average person to navigate.

At Bridgman Law Offices, our attorney and team of professional staff members can help maximize your chances of making a successful claim. As a small, local firm serving clients in Charlotte and throughout the region — including those in Greensboro, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and the Atlanta metro area — we provide a level of personal service few other firms can match.

Below are just a few of the ways we can help you and your family through all aspects of your claim:

When More Analysis Is Needed

  • Your primary treating doctor might have diagnosed you with a condition, but do you fully understand the details of that condition and how it shows up in your symptoms? Depending on the circumstances, our attorney might recommend you see a specialist to have your symptoms evaluated and make sure they can be explained by your current impairment.

Get A Vocational Evaluation

  • Your ability to get and keep a job is an important factor in determining if you will receive SSD benefits. Our lawyer can have your claim assessed by a vocational expert to generate a report on your ability to work and what jobs, if any, you might be able to do. This might be valuable evidence for your claim or your appeal.

Preparing For Your Hearing

  • If your claim reaches the third stage of the appeals process, you will need to testify before an administrative law judge. Your attorney can help you prepare and advise you on how to describe your impairment and the limitations you’re experiencing.

More than preparing you beforehand, your Charlotte Social Security Disability attorney will also be present at the hearing to make an opening statement, question witnesses and experts brought by the SSA, and make further arguments to the judge about your case.

We Want To Help You Achieve A Timely And Successful Outcome

For more information on how you can benefit from working with a disability attorney, contact us at our Charlotte law office by calling 877-330-4817. We also have offices in Greensboro, Asheville, Columbia, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. If you prefer to send an email, take a moment to complete our online contact form. We respond to inquiries within one business day.