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Social Security Disability Testimony About Standing, Sitting and Walking


For assistance in preparing for a Social Security disability hearing, contact a NC disability lawyers at (704) 815-6055 today.


A claimant in a Social Security disability case often asks the NC disability lawyers what kind of questions will be asked at the hearing.

Your NC Disability Attorneys Will Prepare You for Questions About Standing, Sitting and Walking

Some of the questions that will be asked at the hearing regarding standing, sitting and walking include:

  • Are you able to alternate standing and sitting?
  • If so, how frequently must you stand?
  • Is there an amount of time that you have to stand before being able to sit down again?

NC Disability Lawyers Will Tell You That the Questions You Will Be Asked Will Become More Specific

Your NC disability attorneys will prepare you to answer the following types of questions for standing and walking:

  • Is standing a problem?
  • Is there a period of time for which you can stand?
  • Is standing too long a problem, and can you give examples of trouble standing?
  • Can you walk normally?
  • Is there a distance you can walk?
  • Do you have examples of distances you can walk and where?

Contact Experienced NC Disability Lawyers

There are many other variations of questions you will have to answer, and NC disability lawyers can prepare you for them. For assistance, contact Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055 today.