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If you are facing a disability hearing with the Social SecurityAdministration (SSA), consult with your Greensboro disability lawyers in preparation. Your disability lawyers in Greensboro NC will be able to help prepare you for the information you will be asked to provide, and how to respond to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) during your hearing. The following information from your disability lawyers in Greensboro NC discusses how to estimate what your physical limitations are. If there are further questions after reviewing the information provided, contact your disability lawyer for assistance.


During your disability hearing, the ALJ will ask you for an estimate of what your limitations are. The ALJ will ask questions about your limitations such as how far you are able to walk, how long you are able to stay seated, how much you are able to lift, or any other questions that pertain to your physical abilities and work. It is up to you to provide an accurate estimate of what you can do and what your limitations are. The best way to answer the questions from the ALJ is as if you are answering a friend. If you are asked about your ability to walk, think about the places you have walked recently. Talk about how far you were able to walk, how often you had to stop to rest, and how you felt after you were done with the walk. Keep in mind that a disability hearing is not the same as a hearing in a courtroom. In a formal courtroom, offering information that is not asked is generally frowned upon. However, during a disability hearing, it is best that you share as much information as you can with the ALJ. The more information that they have about you and about your limitations will allow them to make a more informed decision about your condition. Just be sure that any extra information you are providing is relevant to what the judge asked you.

Contact Experienced Greensboro Disability Lawyers

Going to a disability hearing can be a stressful event. However, having a skilled professional by your side can help to make your hearing less stressful for you. For help with your Social Security disability hearing, contact your disability lawyers in Greensboro NC for a consultation. The Bridgman Law Offices have the Greensboro disability lawyers who have the dedication and experience to help you get the best possible results in your disability hearing. Call Bridgman Law Offices today at 877-330-4817 to schedule your consultation!