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How Is Disability Defined?


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It may come as no surprise that the Social Security Administration uses strict definitions for its programs. According to a Charlotte disability attorney, to be eligible for Social Security disability (SSD), the law sets out several criteria, listed in part below.

SSD Eligibility Requirements

  • A medically determinable impairment: Health care providers must be able to use clinical or lab tests or techniques to document a physical or mental injury or condition, including bodily or psychological abnormalities.
  • A candidate must meet a duration requirement-a year of disability.
  • The impairment must prevent the applicant from doing his or her past work.
  • The disability must also prevent other types of work that is available.
  • Age, education, and work experience are factored in.

Alcoholism and Disability

The law covers the impact of alcohol abuse. It says that an applicant would not be regarded as disabled if drug addiction or alcoholism contributes materially to the determination of disability. This does not mean that someone afflicted with alcoholism can never be found eligible. Consult a Charlotte disability attorney for full information.

The SSI Program

Disability definitions are the same for SSD and the Supplemental Security Income program. This welfare program is also run by the Social Security Administration. If a disabled person has not worked enough quarters to be eligible for SSD, the SSI program may be a possibility. However SSI benefits are below the poverty level.

The Major Types Of Social Security Benefits

According to a Charlotte disability attorney, there are 5 different forms of Social Security Disability benefits. You’ll need to discuss with your lawyer which type of Social Security Disability benefits would be applicable in filing your claim. Part of that discussion will have to do with your income, your medical history and your marital status.

Contact A Charlotte Disability Attorney

This report includes only summary information. For complete details, contact a Charlotte disability attorney at Bridgman Law Offices PLLC at 877-330-4817.