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What kinds of evidence may prove my disability?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

Given that many applicants for Social Security Disability benefits do not receive initial approval, you should know how to best support your claim so you may avoid spending time on an appeal. The quality of your evidence could be the deciding factor.

According to Kiplinger, the Social Security Administration wants comprehensive evidence that you have a condition that prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity.

Evidence for diseases and injuries

There are many kinds of medical evidence that can prove your disability. Examples include the following:

  • Doctor diagnoses
  • Medical exams and results
  • Surgery documentation
  • Paperwork documenting visits to the ER
  • Drug prescriptions

Social Security will also want to know that you have made good-faith efforts to improve your condition. Your treatment history beyond your initial diagnosis could add further support to your claim.

Evidence for unseen disorders

Some people suffer from conditions that do not produce the same kinds of evidence as illnesses or injuries. For example, biological tests could show that you have a virus or a bacterial infection. However, you might not get similar evidence to confirm that you suffer from a neurological disorder.

Fortunately, there are ways to prove a so-called “invisible” condition. Examples include documents of your drug therapies and visits to a mental health professional. If an injury or a disease did result in a mental disorder, you could still provide biological evidence of your ailment.

Keep in mind that witnesses can testify to your condition, so you may reach beyond medical sources to create evidence. Even if you have to appeal a denial anyway, building up your case early could establish the foundation for a successful appeal.