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Does fibromyalgia qualifying for SSDI?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

If an injury or illness leaves you with a chronic medical condition, you may have the right to file for disability through Social Security. Fibromyalgia is an unpredictable condition that may onset with no traumatic or underlying incident. However, the diagnosis can leave you unable to return to work in the same capacity.

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition that may leave you needing to file a claim for benefits with the Social Security Administration. Learn more about what you may need to ensure that your application has a chance of getting accepted and providing you with the financial relief you may need.

What is fibromyalgia, and what causes it?

Fibromyalgia may prove difficult to diagnose since the symptoms it exhibits are widespread. It is a nerve disorder that causes mixed messages between the brain and spinal cord about whether a sensation is painful or not. It leads to widespread musculoskeletal pain, mood swings, fatigue and memory loss. Fibromyalgia may onset after a traumatic injury, infection or no immediate cause.

What do you need for the application?

When applying for insurance through Social Security, your evidence determines whether the administration accepts or denies your request. It is not enough to detail your illness. You should provide extensive medical records chronicling your diagnosis and treatment. If a doctor identifies a work injury as the possible culprit behind your development of fibromyalgia, your application should also include this information.

Fibromyalgia is treatable but may require extensive and lifelong therapy and medication. Getting the help you need to thrive in the aftermath of the diagnosis is crucial. Consider asking a professional well-versed with the SSDI application process to assist in preparing your case.