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Can life changes affect workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Your life does not have to stand still if you receive workers’ compensation after an injury. But some life changes can affect your benefits.

Be sure to understand how the following events can impact the amount you receive.

Changing jobs

Your benefits bridge the gap for your lost wages and help you pay medical bills — they are not intended to prevent you from working altogether. Your company might offer to transfer you to a light-duty position that you can perform while recovering or, if you are an employee at will, you can accept a position at another company while receiving workers’ compensation. You should consult with an attorney to understand how a new salary could impact your benefits. You should also visit your doctor to ensure that you are physically able to perform your duties.


If your injury affects your mobility and you cannot modify your dwelling to accommodate your needs, you may choose to live with a relative or friend who can offer suitable housing during your recovery. Receiving workers’ compensation will not impede your ability to move. However, leaving the state could affect your benefits. You must continue to see your doctor while receiving workers’ compensation and moving could make regular medical visits difficult. Consult your doctor and your legal team to discuss how moving will affect your treatment and your benefits.

Keep living your life while you are receiving benefits. Be sure to take your workers’ compensation into account when planning life changes that could impact your finances.