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What are typical workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

The workplace isn’t always safe and many professionals suffer injuries on the job. A blue-collar worker placed in the proximity of chemicals faces significant risks. Don’t think a North Carolina receptionist won’t face any dangers, though. Workplace injuries come in many forms, eaning all kinds of employees face potential harm.

The common workplace injuries

No matter where someone works, the possibility exists for slip-and-fall accidents. An office worker might trip over an extension cord, while a warehouse forklift driver could slip disengaging from the vehicle. Even people walking across damaged parking lot asphalt might fall.

Parking lots also come with the potential for car accidents. Workers may find themselves involved in a collision, leaving them with extensive hospital stays.

Falls could happen from heights. Climbing a ladder or working on a high floor at a construction site may result in a fall. Workers that drop objects from heights might hurt someone, too.

Sometimes, the daily work routine leads to long-term issues. Persons typing at a computer all day might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers that lift heavy objects may experience back sprains. Overexertion could cause an acute injury, as well. Ultimately, the human body can only take so much.

Injuries and compensation

Workers’ compensation could provide financial support to someone hurt on the job. Anyone working around machinery, chemicals, electricity, or flames may wish to learn more about the workers’ comp process. Machinery and tools present hazards, as do dangerous work environments.

Sadly, workers may face dangers from their colleagues and supervisors. Workplace violence might result in severe harm. Deliberately hurting someone or injuring another person through gross negligence could lead to lawsuits in addition to a workers’ comp claim.

Hopefully, the workweek won’t come with any unexpected mishaps. If things go wrong, injured employees could explore legal remedies to address their losses.