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Can a person return to work and still collect benefits?

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

There are many residents of Charlotte who have had to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits are available to help people who are no longer able to work. They can help a person continue to provide for their family but, if a person wants to return to work, will they lose these benefits?

If a person is receiving Social Security Disability benefits and their condition has improved enough for them to return to work, they will be able to keep their Disability benefits for a trial period. A person needs to inform the Social Security Administration that they intend to return to work and the SSA will assign a trial period.

The recipient will then have up to nine months to work and retain their disability benefits. The amount of the benefits will be adjusted based on the wages a person earns at their job. If a person finds that they are not able to work, they can retain their benefits without having to reapply. Also, if a person returns to work without informing the SSA, they can face penalties that may include jail time.

Social Security Disability can be a complicated matter for many Charlotte area residents. An attorney who specializes in Social Security can be of great assistance. They can analyze their client’s situation, help them with the application and provide assistance with questions their client may have, no matter how complicated. An attorney understands how important these benefits are and will work hard to make sure they receive the benefits they are eligible for.