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How an attorney can help with a claim for benefits

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Many people make the fundamental mistake of not getting legal assistance before filing a Social Security disability claim. There are multiple reasons why this is unwise. Having an attorney can often mean the difference between a denied claim and an approval.

Although federal regulations might appear clear enough for a person to apply without legal help, a lawyer can help obtain a vocational evaluation and prepare for a hearing. When the treating doctor makes a diagnosis and the diagnosis appears sufficient to warrant SSD benefits, the person must be able to understand their condition and its symptoms. Some people moving forward with a claim might need a specialist’s input to accurately evaluate the case. This can be critical for SSD benefits.

The vocational evaluation is also imperative. The Social Security Administration will assess whether the applicant can get a job despite their illness, injury or condition. If the applicant does not obtain legal help, their case could be denied because of vocational factors. A legal professional can help create a report as to what jobs the person can do and determine whether those jobs are available. When there is a hearing after a denied claim, the applicant must testify in front of an administrative law judge. An attorney can help an applicant prepare for testimony by assisting them with expressing how their disability has caused problems in their life.

Even if the applicant thinks their case is obvious, it can still be helpful to discuss it with an attorney. It is entirely worth it, as a denied Social Security disability claim will inevitably make matters worse, especially when a qualified legal professional could have assisted with a different outcome.