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Working while receiving Social Security Disability benefits

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Previous posts here have provided our readers with information about applying for disability benefits, ensuring that those benefits continue and taking action if benefits are stopped. One topic that can relate to all of these categories of interest is the capacity of a disabled person to perform some form of work. Those who can engage in “substantial gainful activity” may not qualify for disability benefits, but those who can do limited work or who may go back to work while receiving benefits may be subject to different rules.

For example, a person who earns a very limited income, such that it does not amount to substantial gainful activity, may be able to receive disability benefits for their qualifying ailment. They are required to report their income to the Social Security Administration and their status as disabled may be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are rightfully receiving support.

A person who begins to work while receiving disability benefits may be subject to a trial work period. That person’s benefits may continue through their trial work period. If it is not possible for them to sustain their employment they may leave their job and continue to receive disability support. If, however, they are able to maintain a job and provide financial support for themselves, their benefits may be stopped or suspended.

These are important issues to men and women who rely on Social Security Disability benefits to get by. To better understand how one’s individual disability benefits’ situation may be affected by employment, getting the right information can be a great help to ensure that they receive the help and answers that they need.