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Developmental disorders may lead to disability benefits

Children are born into loving North Carolina families every day. These families are prepared to provide those kids with whatever love and support that they need to thrive. While many infants enter the world healthy and fully developed, others suffer injuries, illnesses and other problems that affect their capacities to grow and mature. Issues that arise while babies are in utero or during their births can significantly impair their future abilities to learn and live independently.

As such, the Social Security Administration recognizes that some children who suffer from developmental disorders may require financial support in the form of disability benefits. It recognizes that developmental disorders may impair a child’s ability to learn, live and grow. In order to qualify for disability benefits based on a developmental disorder, a child must meet certain criteria.

First, there must be evidence that the child has a developmental delay or deficit that puts them behind their peers of the same age. Alternatively, there must be evidence that a child has lost skills that they had previously acquired due to a developmental problem. Second, the child must be extremely limited in one of several developmental benchmarks or markedly limited in two of the benchmarks, which include, but are not limited to, learning, moving and interacting with others.

Living with developmental disabilities can be painful, frustrating and scary. New parents may not know what resources are available to them to help provide their children with the best possible support and care. Those who find themselves in this difficult situation may wish to get more information about seeking disability benefits for their kids.

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