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Seeking benefits for disabled adult children

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

When a new baby is born into the world their parents may be overjoyed by the new addition to their family. While many North Carolina parents are able to transition into parenthood without any significant problems or challenges, others may be devastated to learn that their new children have arrived with serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions. While some affected newborns may suffer from treatable illnesses and disorders, others may have to learn to live with their conditions for the rest of their lives.

An adult who grows up with a disability that began during their childhood may have few options for finding work once they reach the age of majority. While working with a disability is possible it is not always something that disabled Americans can achieve given the constraints of their medical conditions. As such, some adults who have suffered from disabilities from childhood may be able to collect disability benefits based off of the earnings of their parents.

In order to qualify for disability benefits as an adult child who was disabled as a youth a person generally must prove that they are disabled and that they have a parent from whom they may collect benefits based on that parent’s earnings record. As previously mentioned on this blog, a person must qualify for disability benefits by having sufficient qualifying earnings; a child’s parent must have sufficient qualifying earnings for their adult child to be able to collect under their record.

The requirements of seeking disability benefits as an adult who suffers from a long-term disability are specific and must be fully met in order to allow the applicant to get benefits. More information on this topic should be sought from an attorney who practices law in the area of disability benefits.