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The income reporting requirement of SSI

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Ssi Supplemental Security Income |

Supplemental security income provides certain individuals who are unable to work with financial assistance. A person who qualifies due to age, blindness or disability may receive this form of support if their income is below an established level. North Carolina residents who qualify for SSI must provide the Social Security Administration with information about their other forms of income in order to stay in compliance with the program.

The income reporting requirement includes many types of income and does not necessarily only apply to the SSI recipient. In fact, SSI recipients generally must report the income of all wage earners who live in their households, including their spouses and children.

The types of income that must be reported include standard wages, benefits from military service or pensions, unemployment income, workers’ compensation income and income from inheritances. These are only some of the sources of income that must be reported and it is important that recipients of SSI stay current on what types of income are included in this SSI requirement.

Gifts of support from family members must also be reported and SSI recipients must let the Social Security Administration know when they started receiving the payments or support, how frequently they receive the support and the amounts of support or money they receive. The failure of an SSI recipient to report income can result in significant problems with their SSI payments.

Working through the requirements of income reporting for SSI can be complicated. The help of a disability benefits attorney can be useful for those who receive outside income and who want to remain proactive in their income reporting for SSI.