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Social Security Disability benefits and a recipient’s family

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Disability benefits are often available for men and women who suffer from physical and mental disabilities that keep them from working. All throughout North Carolina individuals rely on these benefits to ensure that they can live their lives and meet the financial commitments that they are responsible for. However, not all readers may know that individuals who receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can have those benefits extended to certain members of their families.

For example, the spouse of a disability benefits recipient may receive benefits as well if they qualify under the rules of the Social Security Administration. Additionally, children of the recipient and former spouses of the recipient can also qualify.

Certain documentation must be provided in order to prove that an applicant for family benefits is in fact related to a disability benefits recipient. This documentation can include but is not limited to Social Security numbers, marriage licenses and birth certificates.

The family member of a disability benefits recipient can receive a portion of the amount that the actual recipient receives. That is to say, a family beneficiary’s benefit amount will correlate to the amount that the initial recipient receives in benefits. Also, the Social Security Administration places a limit on how much a family may receive in total disability benefits under a single recipient’s benefit plan.

While it is possible for families to seek disability benefits for individuals who depend on a benefits’ recipient on their own, the process can be complex. Disability benefits attorneys are familiar with the many rules and regulations that must be followed in order for family members of disability benefits’ recipients to apply for benefits as well.