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Where the funds for SSD benefits come from, and where it goes

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Many of our readers probably saw the recent news reports over the last several weeks about the proposed budget that President Trump submitted to Congress. There are many different opinions on the funding cuts and government changes that are in the budget, some good and some bad. But, in a recent article, it was noted that the leaders who are in Washington, D.C., should know how certain programs are funded before they make any changes.

The article pointed out that the funding for Social Security Disability comes from paycheck taxes – not from the country’s general revenue. However, in discussing the proposed budget, the head of the Office of Management and Budget stated that there could be some changes to made to Social Security Disability.

For starters, the proposed budget would make some funding changes to the Social Security Administration. That could include changes to the part of the SSA that runs the Social Security Disability program.

However, these changes, if they are ever enacted into law, may be quite a way down the road. Nonetheless, anyone who believes that they may qualify to receive SSD benefits has the option to get the application process started before any changes go into effect. It can sometimes take quite a while for the application process to play out, but for those in Charlotte who are awarded SSD benefits due to their inability to work, it could be worth it. These benefits can help our readers make ends meet when their source of income is cut off due to a physical or mental disability.

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