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Your Social Security Disability Lawyer in Charlotte on Sedentary Work and Impairment Requirements

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |


If you believe you would be unable to work in even an unskilled, sedentary position, call a Social security disability attorney in Charlotte at 704-815-6055

The impairment requirements for work ability vary depending on the age of the claimant. Your Social Security disability attorney in Charlotte has described these requirements below as they relate to sedentary work.  

Mental Impairments

The mental capacity required to perform sedentary work relates largely to the ability to handle simple tasks and directions. One must not be capable of responding in an appropriate way to his supervisors and co-workers. A disabled individual would be unable to handle routine changes or make necessary judgments related to unskilled labor.

Visual Impairments

Since sedentary work often involves working with small objects, visual ability is important. Thus, a claimant may be found disabled if he cannot see small objects or avoid workplace hazards as a result of his visual impairment.

Other Medical Conditions Affecting Sedentary Work

Claimants who have environmental-related issues may be unable to do sedentary work in certain conditions that bring about an impairment. Those with medical conditions such as headaches, seizures or gastrointestinal issues may also find themselves unable to participate in sedentary work.

Your Disability Claim

Let your Social Security disability attorney in Charlotte know if you believe you would be unable to work in even an unskilled, sedentary position. An attorney from Bridgman Law Offices can help explain the disability benefits eligibility requirements for you. Call their offices today at (704)815-6055 for more information.

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