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Winston-salem Social Security Disability Lawyer Discusses Your Pain And Other Symptoms

| Feb 1, 2017 | Uncategorized |


If you are considering filing for Social Security disability, it is recommended that you first schedule a consultation with our Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer to discuss your case. Your disability lawyer will have the knowledge and experience from dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) in pastcases to help get you the best possible results in your disability case. The following information from our Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer discusses the pain you are experiencing, as well as any other symptoms that may be impacting your daily life. If you have any further questions after reviewing the information, then you may want to schedule a consultation with our Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer for further assistance.


Pain can be a tricky thing. For some people, it can be constant. For others, it can come and go. When filing for a disability claim with the SSA, you need to be prepared to give accurate information about your pain and symptoms, even if they can vary. If your disability case goes to the hearing stage with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), having vague answers about the frequency of your pain will not help your case. If the ALJ asks you how often you experience a certain symptom, your answer should be more specific than “sometimes,” “often,” or “once in a while.” These answers do not allow the ALJ to fully understand how frequent those symptoms are. Instead, be prepared to tell the ALJ how many days a week you have that symptom, or even how many times a day. While symptoms can come and go, you need to also be prepared to answer how long these symptoms last when they are occurring. As with the frequency of your pain, you want to be prepared to be specific about how long it lasts. If you are having a difficult time describing the pain you are in, it may be best to try and use a scale that the doctors use. The scale goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being very little/no pain to a 10 being the worst pain you have ever experienced. You will also want to describe how that pain debilitated you. Keeping a symptoms diary can help you to be more accurate when discussing the frequency, length, and intensity of your pain. Be sure to write down the date and time when the symptom starts, how long it lasts, and how you feel when it is happening. This will only strengthen your case.

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