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Why Your Medical Evidence Is Important in a Disability Claim

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |


Anyone in North Carolina who is potentially disabled should contact Bridgman Law Offices at (888) 632-9912 to see a disability lawyers in Greensboro NC.

 The disability lawyers in Greensboro NC at the Bridgman Law Offices know that medical evidence is crucial when applying for disability benefits. While the medical tests can serve as solid documentation that the claimant has a medical issue, the truth about a disability claim is actually a claim that you cannot maintain substantive gainful employment based your physical inabilities. Many times the Social Security Administration can still claim the medical issue does not justify a claim approval when the applicant can still perform sedentary work duties. The SSA rarely approves a disability claim on one central medical issue, unless it is severe and on the predetermined list of acceptable medical conditions that make a claimant unemployable. Proving a claimant is not employable is usually accomplished by your Greensboro disability lawyers through an assortment of medical tests that constitute general disability. Here are some areas your medical documentation can impact your disability claim. 


While your physician’s opinion can be accepted by the disability determinations board as expert testimony, nothing works quite like measurable documented medical testing. Test results can be reviewed by the SSA doctors as well, but the ranges of impairment are difficult to argue, especially in physical injury cases. Mental disorder claims may be more problematic and take longer to prove through documentation, but this can still be accomplished by your Greensboro disability lawyers at Bridgman Law Offices.


The Social Security Administration maintains a list of known disabilities that impede an individual’s ability to work. This is a basic list of impairments that justify a disability claim approval within themselves. However, your disability lawyers in Greensboro NC can also use multiple medical testing results to build an overall claim that you cannot maintain substantive gainful employment, termed SGE within the agency. The various medical testing results can be compounded in a manner that results in an inability that is similar to those included on the accepted list. This is why it is so important to make all medical testing appointments, especially when they are requested by the federal government. Always make sure your attorney has access to this medical testing evidence as well.


After all medical information is submitted, the SSA will determine a residual function capacity which gauges an applicant’s ability to perform job-related tasks. The SSA doctors can provide a competing opinion with other doctors, but quantifiable testing provides a discreet range that can be difficult for the SSA to dispute. Many times symptom claims are not enough, but medical testing can verify symptoms of an underlying disability. In addition, the totality of your medical evidence establishes when the medical condition may have began, which can also impact any back payment of benefits that may apply.

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Anyone in North Carolina who is potentially disabled should contact Bridgman Law Offices at (888) 632-9912 for a free evaluation of your disability case.

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