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Subjectivity and SSD Determination

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

For information about how program eligibility regulations affect your application, call a Charlotte disability attorney from Bridgman Law at (704) 815-6055.


A Charlotte disability attorney knows that some applications for Social Security disability benefits are clear cut. Many medical conditions show up on lab tests and X-rays, but some do not.

Fortunately, the government recognizes that conditions such as migraine headaches, fibromyalgia and others lead to pain, and these symptoms and impairments are not easily measured on objective tests. In such cases, doctors are asked for their expert opinions in describing symptoms, pain severity, and functional limitations experienced by patients.

What is the person able to do, given the condition? Can they work? If so, with what types of physical or mental limitations are placed on their work activities? A doctor is not expected to know about government regulations, but the physician will be asked whether the applicant’s limitations are due to a medical diagnosis, and whether limitations are consistent with the medical reports.

Comparing Patients

Charlotte disability attorneys know that applicants worry that their case will be compared to some typical, average person even thougheach case is unique. The good news is that the Social Security Administration does not use an average in evaluating a disability. One person might be able to work given the same diagnosis as another who is much more impaired by the “same” condition.

Pain may be felt more intensely by one person than another. Or, someone’s ability to manage or cope with a condition may be better than someone else’s. Like doctors, the government insurance experts understand that symptoms can affect one person much more severely than another. In fact, age may be a factor and is taken into account in the SSD eligibility rules.

For more information about how program eligibility regulations apply to your application, contact one of the experienced Charlotte disability attorneys at Bridgman Law Offices by calling (704) 815-6055.