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Our Winston-salem Social Security Disability Lawyer Suggests Winning Strategies With The Ssa

| Feb 1, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Our Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer has several suggestions for clients who are pursuing disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. At a hearing, the administrative law judge might first review your entire case history and then address the various issues in the case. The ALJ might tell you and your Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer what you need to do to prove your case. However, he or she might not explain specific details. The typical language related to disabilities can be somewhat misleading and relates to your inability to perform substantial gainful activity. The explanation of this term can confuse clients as they might think that they need to be bedridden in order to be eligible forbenefits. However, your ability to work also relates to your age, schooling and work history. You might be able to qualify for benefits with the help of an attorney.


The judge will ask you questions and then have your Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer question you as well. However, in some cases, the judge’s questioning is so thorough that your attorney might not even need to question you. In other cases, the judge might want the attorney to do the questioning. When you answer, explain yourself thoroughly to the ALJ as if he or she were a stranger. If you assume that the judge knows what you are discussing, you might overlook something important. While it’s likely that the ALJ read your file, you are better off explaining everything about your case.

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