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Our SSD Attorney in Charlotte Explains Consultative Examinations

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |

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If you would like more information about consultative exams, contact an SSD attorney in Charlotte from Bridgman Law Offices at (888) 632-9912.

As part of the claims process, the Social Security Administration schedules consultative exams. These may include medical or psychological exams. An SSD attorney in Charlotte can explain the purpose of such examinations and how you can prepare for them. 

Purpose of Consultative Exams

The Social Security Administration arranges this type of exam for a claimant when it needs to gather additional medical evidence in order to make a determination related to the claimant’s disability. This may be necessary when the claimant does not have a long history of medical evidence to help substantiate his or her claim.

When Exams Are Required

The Social Security Administration must base its determination on primarily medical evidence when assessing whether an individual meets the definition of disabled or not. Representatives from the Social Security Administration contact a claimant’s treating physicians and hospitals to get the medical records from these entities. Additionally, these representatives may send treating health care professionals questionnaires to gather additional information. However, in some situations, representatives are not able to get the information they need. An SSD attorney in Charlotte can explain a number of situations in which such an exam may be necessary. For example, a doctor may have failed to respond to requests for information. Medical records may be incomplete because the claimant has not discussed his or her impairment with the treating doctor. Information in the medical records may also be contradictory. The Social Security Administration may request the claimant see a specialist for his or her condition. Representatives may not be able to read certain medical records because the records are too old or illegible. The records may also be outdated due to the advance of technology and additional testing and procedures that were not available at the time of the medical evaluation.

Arrangements for Exams

At the pre-hearing level, the disability examiner handling the claim makes these arrangements. If a claimant is at the hearing level, the administrative law judge may determine that such an exam would be useful in the case. The state agency ultimately makes the arrangements, however.

Legal Assistance from an SSD Attorney in Charlotte

If you would like more information about consultative exams, contact an SSD attorney in Charlotte from Bridgman Law Offices at (888) 632-9912.

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