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Our Social Security Attorney Columbia SC Explains Sitting and Standing

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |

As you proceed with your case, our Social Security attorney Columbia SC may explain various aspects of Social Security claims. One important subject is your RFC, or residual functional capacity. One common finding in a claimant’s RFC is the need for the claimant to alternate between a sitting and standing position. When a person’s RFC states that such alterations are necessary, the claimant may have an RFC between sedentary and light work.


Sedentary and Light Work

A Social Security attorney Columbia SC can explain that medical evidence sometimes results in an RFC that is compatible with either sedentary work or light work with the condition that the claimant needs to be able to alternate between sitting and standing. For example, the claimant may sit for a substantial period of time but must then get up, stand or walk for several minutes before being able to return to the sitting position. This condition puts the claimant in a difficult situation because he or she may not be able to perform sedentary work that requires a claimant to sit for the entire shift. At the same time, the claimant may not be able to perform light work that requires standing or walking for most of the shift.

Jobs in the National Economy

Your Social Security attorney Columbia SC can explain that there are certain jobs that exist in the national economy that allow a person to sit and stand upon his or her choice. However, these jobs tend to be more professional in nature. If a claimant has previous work in such a position and can still do this type of work or has work skills that can transfer to such a job, the administrative law judge will determine that the claimant is not disabled. However, a Social Security attorney Columbia SC can explain that the majority of jobs require an employee to be in a certain position for a specific period of time in order to perform the job. Unskilled jobs often do not provide for this type of flexibility in which a worker can stand or sit at will.


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