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Nervous About Giving Testimony at Your SSD Hearing? Our Firm Is Skilled in Handling SSD Appeals Charlotte, NC

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We handle SSD appeals Charlotte NC every day. If you could benefit from our expert advice, call Bridgman Law Offices now at (888) 632-9912. 

Given that nationwide about seven out of ten social security disability cases are turned down at the initial application stage, it is highly likely that you will need to attend a hearing and give testimony in support of your claim. 

When Do You Give Your Testimony?

Daniel Bridgman is a knowledgeable Charlotte Disability Attorney who knows the ropes and can help you prepare to give testimony. During your appeal, you will appear at a disability hearing before an administrative law judge.

What Should You Do at the Hearing?

The judge will ask you questions geared at helping him/her determine the extent of your disability. You should be prepared to talk about your work history, education, medical history, symptoms, your estimate of your work limitations, and your daily activities.

People often are reluctant to share personal information with the government; however, because this judge will make a decision about your social security disability benefits, you should be open, honest, and as accurate as possible.

Tell the truth about how you feel, how you have been affected by your condition, and the limitations on your ability to work.

A real life hearing is not the same as what you see on television, so do not try to exaggerate, cry, or “act” hurt. The best way to convince the judge is to be sincere and honest.

SSD appeals Charlotte NC if what our firm specializes in, so we will help you practice your testimony so you are confident and well-prepared.

Get Help with Your SSD Appeals Charlotte NC

We handle SSD appeals in Charlotte, NC every day. If you could benefit from our expert advice, call Bridgman Law Offices now at (888) 632-9912.

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