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More Questions About What Your Doctor’s Opinion Should Say

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |


If you have questions about how to apply for Social Security disability benefits, contact a Charlotte disability attorney at Bridgman Law at (888) 632-9912.

Your Charlotte disability attorney might tell you that it is a good idea to obtain your doctor’s opinion to submit with your application for disability benefits. Many doctors who are asked to provide opinions for disability purposes have questions about what they should say. Here are some questions your doctor might have, with comments on how you and your Charlotte disability attorney can answer them.  

“I’m worried that I’ll inadvertently say something that will harm your case for disability benefits, especially if I describe you as able to perform some work-related activity. Should I worry about this?”

Probably not. Some people are under the misconception that a patient needs to be confined to the bed to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. This is not the case. However, if your doctor is still worried, have him call your Charlotte disability attorney for more information.

“What is the worst thing that I can do when filling out the Social Security form that asks me to explain your capacity for work?”

The worst thing is actually exaggerating your patient’s disability as worse than it really is. This tends to make your doctor’s statement useless for the Social Security Administration’s determination whether you meet the requirements to be found disabled.

“If I think you can work full-time, should I fill out the form anyway?”

This depends on the age of the claimant (the older the claimant is, the more likely the Social Security Administration will find him or her to be disabled despite being able to work).

If you have more questions about how to apply for Social Security disability benefits, contact an experienced Charlotte disability attorney at Bridgman Law Offices at (888) 632-9912.