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How much do I have to pay a social security disability attorney?

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |

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Our firm answers this question with EVERY prospective client we talk to because it is one of the most important aspects about our social security disability practice. The first thing to remember is that any prospective client does not have to pay us anything up front. There is no charge for our services initially, and we only collect a fee if and when we are successful in getting our client’s their social security disability benefits. Additionally, our attorney’s will gladly talk to anyone who has questions about social security disability and we regularly give out helpful tips and advice, even if someone is not looking to hire an Social Security disability attorney in Charlotte.

If a prospective client agree’s to hire our firm to represent them, then we have them sign a standard contingency fee agreement which entitles the attorney to 25% of the claimant’s back benefits which is also commonly referred to as “retroactive benefits” or “lump sum benefits.” It is important to understand that ONLY the back benefits are subject to the 25% attorney’s fee and any ongoing or recurring monthly benefits to the claimant are always 100% to the claimant. There is also a cap in place of $6000 in the event the 25% of back benefits is more than $6000. This means the most our attorney’s can collect is $6000, except for a few rare circumstances in which event the fee is still 25% of the back benefits but there is no cap in place. The only other charges a client is responsible for are for things like costs our firm incurs for payment of medical records, reports, and other doctors fees for any forms generated on behalf of the client. However, again, this is only the case if we are successful in getting the client their benefits.

In the event we are unsuccessful in getting social security disability benefits granted to our client, there will be no charge for our services no matter how much work, time, and effort we put into the claim. In fact, even if our firm pays for medical records, reports and other various charges related to the client’s claim, the client does not have to re-pay us for those charges in the event we are unsuccessful with their claim.

If you are thinking about filing for social security disability and have put off talking to an attorney because you do not have the money to pay an attorney you may want to reconsider. The most important thing to remember is that there is no upfront fee and it is always free to simply call and talk to our attorney’s about your claim.

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