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If you are no longer able to work, our disability lawyers in Winston Salem NC may be able to help you. When evaluating your credibility as a Social Security disability benefits claimant, the Social Security Administration considers a variety of factors. The evidence the adjudicator looks at consists largely of comparing claims about your limitations to one another. The adjudicator will consider the results of your laboratory tests and medical examinations as well as the opinions and diagnoses of the medical team treating you. An adjudicator also looks at statements and reports from you as well as your medical team, friends, family members and employers about your medical history, treatment, previous work activities, daily activities and other limitations. It is important to note that any observations recorded by Social Security Administration team members, even during seemingly informal settings, will be considered by your adjudicator. The adjudicator will also record his or her observations of you and your symptoms. 


Consistency is the most important thing you can provide in your statements. A strong indicator of a true disability statement is consistency both between the claimant’s statements and between external statements and those made by the claimant. Your statements must be consistent with your objective medical tests. Otherwise, it will seem as if you are exaggerating the nature of your impairments while the medical evidence does not support such claims. It is also important to remain internally consistent with your claims of pain and other disabling statements. For example, if you claim to be unable to perform any type of light work one day, but the next you discuss going on a long walk, the SSA will have reason to believe that you may not be as severely limited as you claim. It is also important to remember that some inconsistency is to be expected in the average claimant’s statements. For example, if you have fibromyalgia, you will experience more pain and discomfort some days while you are able to do more things on others. The most important thing is to remain consistent with your own claims and medical records as well as any reports you give the SSA. Do not claim to be completely incapable of lifting light objects only to do so at a later date. A Winston-Salem Social Security disability attorney may be able to help you follow these guidelines.

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