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Disability Lawyers in NC Discuss Meeting or Equaling a Disability Listing

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At Bridgman Law Offices we have a proven track record and are happy to provide case consultations. Call us at (888) 632-9912 for disability lawyers in NC.


The Social Security Administration uses a complex list of conditions in order determine if you are eligible for benefits, and our disability lawyer in NC can help you decide if filing a claim is in your best interest. Your condition must be severe enough to meet the listed requirements and a have sufficient duration of symptoms.

  • For example, a bone fracture in an upper extremity requires that you be undergoing continuing care that is directed toward restoring your functional use where the function has not been restored or is not expected to return within 12 months.

Depending on the condition, the required duration may be as short as a months or longer than a year. Even with a qualifying condition, the durational requirement must be met. Only a comprehensive analysis of your treatments and records will determine your likelihood of success. If you are injured and can’t work, you will want to speak with a disability lawyer in NC. At Bridgman Law Offices our attorneys in NC have years of experience assisting seriously injured clients.

The Difference Between “Meeting” a Listing and “Equaling” a Listing

The first step in the analysis of your injury is seeing if it meets an existing criteria. If so, your disability will most likely be affirmed. However, the Social Security listings are not comprehensive. This means that you may have a rare or debilitating condition that is not yet accounted for under disability guidelines. If this is the case, your disability lawyer in NC may be able to argue that even though your injury is not listed, its severity and duration makes it “equal” to other conditions that are listed. Hence, your disability will be validated and deserving of benefits.

What If I have Multiple Medical Conditions?

In some cases, our clients suffer from several conditions none of which, on their own, would qualify as a disability. However, it is quite possible that the combination of diseases or ailments would qualify you for disability benefits. Of course, these are very technical requirements and only a lawyer well-versed in disability law can advise you of the best course of action.

Contact Our Disability Lawyer in NC

Regardless of the nature or scope of your injury, if you are unable to work or find alternative employment that accommodates your condition, a disability lawyer in NC will be a valuable resource. At Bridgman Law Offices we have a proven track record and are happy to provide case consultations. Call us today at (888) 632-9912 for an evaluation.

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