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Disability Lawyers in NC Discuss Chronic Pain and Credibility

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |

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When it comes to handling Social Security and disability claims, experienced disability lawyers in NC recommend that you become familiar with the topic of credibility as it relates to chronic pain. Essentially, credibility is the factor that determines whether your statements about chronic pain are believable and factual. Consistency is the key to presenting credible statements. Decision makers who evaluate disability claims will pay close attention to any statements found in your case file, which will include statements recorded by health care professionals in your medical record. Other statements that you made about your chronic pain condition can be found in questionnaires and the transcript from testimony you delivered at the hearing. Disability lawyers in NC can work with you to ensure that your statements are as consistent as they need to be for the purpose of getting your claim approved. It is likely that the Social Security adjudicator may find an inconsistency; for example, your chronic pain may fluctuate during treatment periods, or a health care provider may have made a mistake on your record. Such inconsistencies can be explained so that they do not affect credibility. It is important to establish credibility with a treatment history, which can be presented as evidence to support your statements. If you have been diligent in consulting pain specialists about your condition, and if you have closely followed their treatment plan, your credibility will be boosted when you submit your disability request. If you do not follow the treatment plan and your doctor’s indications, the Social Security adjudicator may doubt your statements. 

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