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Disability Lawyers in Charlotte, NC Discuss the Procedure for a Disability Hearing

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Although the regulations provided by the SSA do not give much detail in describing the disability hearing, disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC know that during each hearing, the judge looks fully into the issues, questions the claimant and other witnesses, and accepts as evidence any documents that are material to the issues.

Procedural Differences

Disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC realize that every administrative law judge (ALJ) has his or her own procedure for conducting the disability hearing. Different judges give opening statements that vary in content as well as in length. The questions asked by the administrative law judges also vary, both in their degree and whether they occur before or after the questions presented by the claimant’s lawyer. Some judges request that the claimant testify in the presence of the witnesses while others dismiss the witnesses. In addition, some ALJs will use different procedures for hearings where the claimant is represented by an experienced lawyer as opposed to a claimant who is unrepresented.



Disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC will advise you that during the disability hearing, evidence may be received by the administrative law judge even though that evidence would not be admissible in court under the rules of evidence used by the court.

During the hearing, witnesses will present testimony under oath. The judge will also permit the witnesses to be questioned by your disability attorney in Charlottte, NC. What subjects will be allowed is decided by the ALJ.


The Social Security manual titled HALLEX sets forth procedures for administrative law judges to follow when conducting disability hearings. Therefore, even though many individual differences exist and are allowed in a Social Security disability hearing, general similarities prevail throughout the country.

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