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Differentiating Between Good And Bad Testimony In A Social Security Disability Case

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For questions about good or poor testimony, speak to a Charlotte Social Security disability attorney at the Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055.

A Charlotte Social Security disability attorney can help a client understand how to differentiate between good and bad testimony from witnesses.

Understanding the Difference Between Weak and Strong Testimony Regarding Pain

An attorney from the Charlotte Social Security disability law firm will give examples of weak and strong testimony. The following is an example of testimony from a spouse.

Weak Testimony:

My wife is unable to move because of her pain.

Strong Testimony:

My wife returned home from the hospital and is like a different person. She’s constantly in pain. She can’t get consistent rest or even sit for an extended period without having to get up. She’s taking a lot of pain medication, and it’s more than the doctor prescribed. She can’t leave the home or do anything around the house.
The following is an example of testimony from a coworker.

Weak Testimony:

(Name) showed signs of being disabled at work at the factory.

Strong Testimony:

I worked with (name) for five years. He always fulfilled his duties until the injury. In the final year he was working, he passed out three times and was taken to the hospital another time. He was given a lighter load and we helped as much as we could. He’s now out on disability.

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