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Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses the Consultative Examination

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |


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If you are in the midst of applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, or SSA, you may be asked to submit to a consultative examination. This type of exam takes place when the SSA needs additional or more thorough information pertaining to your claim, and you should not be alarmed or fearful of the process. If you received notification from the SSA pertaining to a consultative exam and have additional questions, a Charlotte Social Security disability attorney can help you better understand the process.  

How Thorough Is a Consultative Examination?

The complexity of the consultative examination will depend upon the amount of information the SSA needs to complete its evaluation. If you submitted very little medical evidence or none at all, a comprehensive exam will be administered. This will include a full review of your medical history, a physical and various diagnostic tests, e.g., blood work or an x-ray. If your condition involves possible mental illness, a thorough psychiatric evaluation may be performed.

If, however, you submitted thorough evidence but the SSA just needs to confirm a small detail, your consultative examination will only pertain to that particular issue and a comprehensive exam will not be necessary.

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It is imperative for you to attend your scheduled consultative exam or your claim may be denied. For more information about the process involved in applying for disability benefits, contact a Charlotte Social Security disability attorney at Bridgman Law Offices at (704)815-6055 today!

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