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Charlotte Disability Lawyers Explain Elements in Credibility Evaluation

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 Often a Social Security adjudicator will become involved when evaluating your claim for disability benefits, and disability lawyers in Charlotte NC can help you understand what the adjudicator is looking for and how to answer their questions. Sometimes claimants have been through so many medical procedures and pressures, they will have difficulty answering questions and providing documentation. 

Elements of Credibility

When assessing the credibility of a claim, documentation of pain, symptoms, and ability to function will be considered. Usually this includes records of laboratory tests, medical examinations, and the diagnosis provided by your doctors, psychologists and other health care professionals. Charlotte disability lawyers can help ensure this information is collected and provided to the Administration. In addition, you may be asked to provide statements and reports about your own feelings and reactions to your medical history, your treatment and response to treatment, your work record, your daily activities and how your diagnosis has affected your work. Family, friends, co-workers, and employers, as well as your doctors and psychologists, may also be asked to provide reports based on these elements. Our Charlotte disability lawyers can help you request these statements from friends and family members and make sure the statements include information that will help your claim for benefits. The Social Security Administration will record observations during interviews on the phone or in person and use the information when making a disability determination. The adjudicator will also record observations of your abilities and functions during the interview process. Making sure you are prepared for these sessions is important to gaining an approved claim.

Statements and Consistency

When determining the credibility of your statements, they need to remain consistent. If you change your answers or the doctors do not agree with the effects of your treatment on your daily life, it will be more difficult to be approved for benefits. Our disability lawyers in Charlotte NC can help you provide consistent statements and work with your friends and family to make sure their statements agree with yours. All of your statements will be compared for consistency including those made for other claims such as workers compensation, private insurance benefits, veterans’ benefits or employer disability retirement benefits. The information should remain basically the same between all entities. Statements provided by other people who have knowledge of your daily activities should also coincide with the statements you have made about your disability.

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