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Charlotte Disability Attorney Discusses Supplemental Security Income for a Disabled Child

| Feb 1, 2017 | Uncategorized |

If you have a child you think is eligible for SSI benefits, call (888) 632-9912 to speak to a Charlotte disability attorney at the Bridgman Law Offices.


A Charlotte disability attorney can help with obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for disabled children.

Disabled Children and Being Approved for SSI Benefits

SSI is a federal program providing benefits to children and adults who are disabled and need assistance. Your Charlotte disability attorney will explain that children under the age of 18 can receive SSI benefits if they meet the criteria to be classified as disabled. To be approved for SSI benefits, a child must be medically determined to be disabled and also meet the financial requirements.

Financial Requirements for SSI and Disabled Children

Since a minor is a dependent of the parents, the Social Security Administration will take into account the assets and income of the parents. There is a limit to the assets and income the parents can have. If it surpasses the limit, the child cannot receive SSI benefits regardless of the level of disability.

Medical Requirements for SSI Benefits and Disabled Children

The SSA regulations state that the child must have a medically proven physical or mental impairment or a combination of impairments. It must cause severe and marked limitations in functionality. It must either last for a continuous period of at least twelve months or could result in death. To be approved for SSI, it is not sufficient for a doctor to say that the child is disabled. Nor is it sufficient for the child to be in special classes or a school tailored to educate them. The criteria according to the SSA must be met to receive SSI.

Call a Qualified Charlotte Disability Attorney

If you have a child you believe might be eligible for SSI benefits, call (888) 632-9912 to speak to a Charlotte disability attorney at the Bridgman Law Offices today.

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