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Arranging for Written Statements from Lay Observers

| Feb 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |

To learn about layperson testimony in a disability case, call North Carolina Social Security disability lawyers from the Bridgman Law Offices: .

A North Carolina Social Security disability lawyer may want to put a layperson on the stand as a witness to help the case.

How a North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Handle a Layperson as a Witness

Depending on the circumstances, a layperson may be placed on the stand in person or will provide a written statement. Using a form letter that appears to be something written to bolster the claims in the case might be less effective than one that is coming from an individual viewpoint.

What a Statement from a Layperson Might Say

The witness will give a statement to the North Carolina Social Security disability lawyer that looks similar to the following:

“My name is Jane Smith. I am a neighbor of Ms. Jones and live three doors down. I am aware that she has filed a claim seeking Social Security disability benefits. I’ve been a neighbor and co-worker of Ms. Jones for five years. I witnessed her injury when we worked together at the warehouse. She lost her balance, fell and injured her back. I saw it happen.

I visit her regularly, often every day. I assist her family in basic household duties including cleaning and cooking. I’ve even helped her get into the bathtub and have driven her to her doctor as the medication she takes affects her ability to operate her car. She is honest and upstanding. I’ve never known her to malinger at work or look for ways to avoid it. I’m also aware that she and her family have encountered financial difficulties since she has stopped working due to her injuries. Her back is the biggest issue as she constantly wears a brace. It is seriously hindering her life.”

Speak to a Qualified North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyer

A North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyer attorney will instruct a witness on how to write the statement and detail the information that needs to be included. If you have questions about a layperson’s testimony in a Social Security disability case, call the Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055 today.

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