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A Charlotte SSD Attorney Discusses Malignant Neoplast Diseases

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If you have recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor, you need a Charlotte SSD attorney who can help. Call Bridgman Law Offices today at (704)-815-6055.

If you are currently in the midst of treatment for a life-threatening brain tumor or mass, the last detail you likely want to handle is the preparation of your application for Social Security benefits. A Charlotte SSD attorney can assist you in all aspects of your claim, whether you are working on your initial application or recently received a denial. Brain tumors are classified in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book and include cancerous masses that interfere with your ability to work and earn a living. 

A Charlotte SSD Attorney Explains Disability Standards

The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book contains a listing of symptoms or side effects that, when present, generally give rise to a finding of disability. As your Charlotte SSD attorney will explain further, factors contributing to a finding of disability include:

  • A tumor that is inoperable or unresectable;
  • Presence of a “persistent disease following initial multimodal antineoplastic therapy;”
  • Presence of “recurrent disease following initial antineoplastic therapy, except recurrence in the true vocal cord;” or
  • Presence of mastitis beyond the regional lymph node.

If your condition does not fit squarely into one of the categories listed above, a Charlotte SSD attorney may still be able to help you obtain benefits. The Blue Book contains a final catch-all provision awarding benefits to an individual suffering from a soft tissue tumor of the head or neck not addressed above who has endured multimodal antineoplastic therapy.

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If you have recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor, you need to focus on your treatment, not your disability application. Contact a Charlotte SSD attorney at Bridgman Law Offices: (704)-815-6055.

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