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Your Disability Attorneys in Charlotte NC Explain Video Hearings

| Jan 31, 2017 | Uncategorized |

The disability attorneys in Charlotte NC at Bridgman Law Offices can help prepare you for a video hearing, so call (704) 815-6055 today. 


If you have decided to move forward with a hearing, there is a possibility it will be held via video conference. Your disability attorneys in Charlotte NC will go over exactly what this means and give you the option of requesting an in-person hearing instead.

Your Disability Lawyers in Charlotte NC on Negative Aspects of Video Hearings

There may be issues for your attorney in attempting to get the complete exhibit file prior to a video hearing, which can present a problem if he would like to submit additional evidence. Additionally, your attorney will not have the same opportunity to review the exhibit file on the day of the hearing that he would have had if the hearing been held in person.

Expert Witnesses at Video Hearings

Experts will still be able to appear at your hearing via video conference. These witnesses may appear from the same location of the ALJ or from the same location as you and your disability attorneys in Charlotte NC.

If You Would Prefer an In-Person Hearing

Some claimants would rather not have a video hearing for the reasons mentioned above. If this is the case, let your disability attorneys in Charlotte NC know your preference. It is important to note that you will likely be reassigned a different judge and face a delay upon rescheduling your hearing..

Seeking an Attorney

An attorney will be able to go over in more detail the pros and cons of video hearings and help you make the decision that is best suited for your needs. The disability lawyers in Charlotte NC at Bridgman Law Offices can help today. Call (704) 815-6055.

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