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Your denial letter contains important information that will help your North Carolina disability attorney piece together the puzzle of your case

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The Bridgman Law Offices can advise you on the options. Here is some info that can help direct you toward your next course of action.

At Bridgman Law Offices, we believe every North Carolina disability case is like a puzzle; we need all the pieces – your age, education, work history, medical history, and current ability to do work-related tasks – to see the complete picture. If your initial application for North Carolina Social Security disability benefits was denied, your denial letter will be one of the first pieces we analyze in reviewing your case.

Your denial letter contains important information that will help us determine whether your claim for North Carolina disability benefits was denied in error and, if so, how best to address that error on appeal. For example, your denial letter may state that your claim was denied because you are able to perform “past relevant work” or “lighter” work. The letter may not specify which former job you are supposedly able to perform, but we can probably determine that by talking about your work history and pinpointing your easiest job. We can then talk about the duties of your former job, the Social Security definitions of “light” and “sedentary” work, and the limitations caused by your impairment. All of this information will help us develop a persuasive theme for your appeal. By way of another example, if your North Carolina disability claim was denied because you are able to “engage in normal activities,” this means that the Social Security Administration believes you do not have a “severe” physical or mental impairment. Often, this finding is simply the result of the Social Security Administration having incomplete medical records. Armed with this information, we can work with your health care providers to complete the record.

If you would like to talk with a Charlotte disability lawyer about appealing the denial of your application for North Carolina disability benefits, please contact our office. Be sure to bring your denial letter to our first meeting.

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