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Social Security Disability Benefits and Other Public Benefit Sources

| Jan 31, 2017 | Uncategorized |

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If you are impaired, you may already be receiving disability payments from other sources. Your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney will be able to explain to you how these payments may affect your disability benefits.

Public Disability Sources

Let your Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer know if you are receiving payments from another public disability source, such as workers’ compensation or civil service disability benefits. These payments may cause your disability benefits to be lowered. There are also some public disability benefits that will not cause a reduction in your Social Security disability benefits, including Veterans Administration and SSI benefits.

Disability Calculations

Your Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer will want to see your financial information so that he can explain to you how the SSA calculates your benefits. The rule is that your benefits from SSDI and other public sources will be added together; this total cannot be more than 80 percent of your average earnings before disability. If this amount is above 80 percent, your SSDI benefits will be reduced accordingly. For this reason, your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney will advise you that it is important to keep the SSA current regarding your earnings and other public benefits so that your SSDI benefits will continue to be accurate.

Finding an Attorney

Applying for disability benefits can be confusing, especially when you are trying to determine things such as what other benefits the SSA will consider. A knowledgeable Charlotte Social Security disability attorney will be able to explain the process to you in more detail and help you apply. Contact Bridgman Law Offices today at (704) 815-6055 for more information.

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