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According to Greensboro disability lawyers, a claimant is allowed to earn up to the limit set by the “substantial gainful activity” amount. For the year 2014, the amount has been set at $1070. In other words, a claimant can earn up to that amount and still qualify for his or her entire Social Security disability benefit. 

However, an individual who earns even $1 over the substantial gainful activity amount set by the SSA will lose his or her benefits once the nine-month trial work period has ended – along with the three month grace period. This rule applies regardless of how disabled the claimant is. The substantial gainful activity amount is determined by calculating a person’s average earnings for a period of several months.

Greensboro disability lawyers encourage claimants who wish to work part-time and continue to receive their benefits to keep their earned income well within the limits set by the SSA. There are distinct benefits to keeping one’s income below the “trial work period services” amount set by the SSA. In 2014, this amount was set at $770. According to some Greensboro disability lawyers, a claimant can safe his or her trial work period months for a later date. For instance, those months would remain available in case the claimant decides to try full-time work again. It is important to note that these limitations are not applicable to recipients of SSI benefits.


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