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Charlotte disability lawyers discuss the best time to obtain a written opinion from your treating doctor

| Jan 31, 2017 | Uncategorized |

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As experienced Charlotte disability lawyers, we know how important it is, in every case, to obtain a formal, written medical opinion from our client’s treating doctor. The question iswhen to seek this opinion. In most cases, we will ask the doctor for his opinion early in the case, often on the same day we are retained as counsel. This allows us to memorialize, from the outset, the client’s medical condition and ability to work despite the limitations caused by that condition. As the hearing date approaches, we can then ask the doctor for an updated report noting significant changes in the client’s condition, or for a short letter noting that the client’s condition is unchanged. In some cases, however, an early medical report may not be in the client’s best interests. For example, we will hold off asking for a report if:

  • The client has not received a clear diagnosis of his or her condition; or
  • The doctor has not spent enough time with the client, either because this is a new doctor/patient relationship or because the client’s condition ebbs and flows, and the doctor has not yet seen all phases of the client’s impairment.

If you are not presently represented by a Charlotte disability lawyer, contact us for more information about obtaining your treating doctor’s medical opinion.

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