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Arthritis Injury Claim With NC Disability Lawyers

| Jan 31, 2017 | Uncategorized |

If you suffer from arthritis and are unsure if you qualify for benefits, call experienced NC disability lawyers, Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055.


Arthritis is a common reason that individuals seek Social Security disability benefits. However, you should know that not everyone who suffers from arthritis qualifies for benefits. Instead, NC disability lawyers can explain that the Social Security Administration, or SSA, engages in a complex five-step sequential evaluation to determine if you qualify.

Qualifying for Benefits Explained by NC Disability Lawyers

NC disability lawyers will tell you about the general five steps that the SSA will engage in when it reviews your impairment and your ability to collect benefits:

  1. Whether you are working. If you are currently working and earn more than a substantial gainful amount, you may automatically be deemed ineligible for benefits. NC disability lawyers can help you determine if you currently earn too much;
  2. Severity of your condition. Generally, your condition must be severe enough to limit your ability to perform the basic work functions;
  3. If the SSA recognizes your impairment. The SSA lists many different types of impairments. If your condition meets one of these listings, you may be automatically eligible for benefits. NC disability attorneys can help determine if your condition meets one of the listed conditions;
  4. Whether you can perform an old job. If you don’t have a listed impairment, the SSA will evaluate whether you are capable of performing any of your old jobs; and
  5. Can you perform any job. As a final step, the SSA will want to examine whether you can perform any job that exists in the national economy given your age, education, experience and impairment.

How NC Disability Lawyers Can Help

The five-step sequential evaluation is a complicated and drawn-out process. Your NC disability attorneys can help you complete your application and provide the supporting evidence for your claim. If the SSA requires a hearing, your attorney can represent your interests and advocate for your rights at an administrative hearing.

Contact NC Disability Lawyers Bridgman Law Offices

If you suffer from arthritis and are unsure if you qualify for benefits, you will want to work with a lawyer. Contact experienced NC disability attorneys by calling Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055.

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