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Call a Winston-salem Social Security disability lawyer at Bridgman Law Offices at (888) 632-9912 for help with your case.

The Social Security Administration sometimes needs additional information in cases, which means that people need to explain their situation to a judge who will then made a final ruling in the matter. A Winston-salem Social Security disability lawyer can prepare you for a hearing. Keep reading for additional information and more ideas on what to expect.

Social Security disability cases can be quite complex, as your Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer can explain. In order for the administrative law judge to make an informed decision, he or she must have pertinent information in front of him or her. However, sometimes the Social Security Administration may not have all of the important information that the judge needs. In these cases, additional information may be requested. Watch the video below to learn about what you can likely expect at your disability hearing. Also, read on for some more tips on how to present your best case.

Be Honest

Judges are educated individuals who have often spent years evaluating the credibility of witnesses in front of them. Do not try to outsmart them by adjusting your answers based on where they are going with their questions. Instead, simply provide truthful answers. Be honest about your limitations, as well as your strengths. Likewise, avoid making exaggerations. Do not pretend to be more disabled than you really are or testify about pain that you do not experience. Doing these things can make you less credible in the eyes of the judge.

Provide Details

Part of winning a Social Security disability case is being a good storyteller. Do not simply stick with general information. Instead, provide detailed and thorough answers to the questions from your Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer. For example, do not simply say that you can wash the dishes. Instead, state how your impairment has affected your ability to do this task, such as you having to take a break after a couple of minutes or you switching to plastic eatery because you were constantly losing the grip on breakable china. In order for the administrative law judge to award you benefits, it must be clear that you are disabled. Provide enough facts and information so that you successfully convey this information through your Winston-Salem social security disability lawyer and to the judge.

Legal Assistance from a Winston-Salem Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you would like more information on what to expect at your disability hearing, contact a Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer from Bridgman Law Offices by calling (888) 632-9912.

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